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The Premier Download information resources are made available upon request, to customer, 3rd party developer or Independent Software Vendor, for the purpose of integrating their existing application or development of new application, to work with Ricoh Multi-functional device and Laser Printer.

The joining fee for the Premier Members is US$500 and the optional annual renewal fee is US$500. Prior to joining the program, the developer would be required to sign an NDA & Service Support Agreement with Ricoh Asia Pacific and made the payments for the joining fee.

The following items/services would be available to Premier Plus Members:
(a) All versions of LAN Fax/PC Fax Driver/RPCS Printer Driver/ SmartDeviceMonitor API
(b) Technical Support services provided via RiDP Forum

All Premier Download Listing

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LAN Fax/PC Fax Driver API ver. 2.70
This API is used to initiate fax transmissions from within your own fax applications. It requires the LAN Fax Driver to be installed on the same PC/Server that the fax application resides on. The PC Fax Driver API is supported on Windows 95/98/Me, NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003 Server operating system platforms.
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RPCS Printer Driver API ver.1.18
The Ricoh Printing Command Stream (RPCS) printer driver API contains commands, which control the communication, between RPCS printer drivers and PC. It is used to optimize printing in a Windows environment, to Ricoh printers and multifunctional products, from application programs. The API for this powerful driver allows developers to invoke customized printing from directly within an application. This API supports Windows 95/98/Me, as well as NT based operating systems platforms.
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SmartDeviceMonitor API ver. 1.03
SmartDeviceMonitor is used for the discovery, configuration and monitoring of Ricoh printers and multifunctional products. The SmartDeviceMonitor API allows other application programs to obtain status and other information about Ricoh peripheral devices on the network. The SmartDeviceMonitor API supports Windows 95/98/Me, as well as NT based operating systems platforms
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